Its the new time of the year, a whole new begginning!

The most heartfelt Happy New Year to all of you! (I know I am a lil late in the second month of the year but as they say its never too late for good things.)

Every year around this, I am on a contemplating phase, hoping for growth, renewal and change. Likewise, this blog sees a change, a huge change that I see coming to my life. All the earlier posts on this blog are deleted giving way to everything new because I really feel I just made it busy and completely un-original. A new wave is coming!

I have been completely busy past few months with my wedding. I got married last december on 26th to a wonderful man. We got engaged in May followed by a December wedding. You can read all about it here.

Its a whole new life post marriage. Balancing work, with all new relationships, new responsibilities etcetra. Its a blessing to have G by my side. He does a lot many things but prefers to be known as a copy-writer. I am happy I get to read his stories.

I am also making some changes here keeping the basic format decided for this blog. I want this blog to reflect where I am in life is my aim writing and documenting here.