One fine day I get a very sweet mail request from this boy for couple portraits. And we go back and forth on it but the schedules don’t match and a lot other things and it finally didn’t work out.
Fast forward to last month ( one year later ). I get another mail from the same boy asking if I would be available to document their wedding.
It is nothing but humbling when people world over connect to you because they like your work and keep coming back!
 It is a wedding like no other because the couple is so effervescent and full of life and it was such an unusually beautiful wedding day for me.

Showcasing Part I

Court Nuptials.

daisy getting ready colour

daisy getting ready black and white

Location : Lakme Salon, Andheri

This is the second court wedding that I have shot. And the spaces are quite interesting, edgy but make a beautiful backdrop.

The long wait at Bandra Court.

waiting black and white


Just 5 close friends attending the wedding including Nikhil’s mother.

wedding gift

The Registrar was quite happy to see this picture.

signing in


The vow. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

happy togetherness

signing in together

vadhu var

all together

We then moved to Sun & Sand for celebratory lunch and wine!


Shohini, she is my favourite bridesmaid I have ever met!  She also did an impromptu performance by singing Ambarsariya for us and also got an applause from the people at the restaurant : )
Daisy Nikhil-143

The comedians of the house !

Daisy Nikhil-158


And I can’t wait to shoot the part II of their wedding. And I am meeting none other than Kismet, woohoo!

On another note, two weddings amidst the hills and I am excited!




Nisha and Vinayak were getting married in Delhi after their Civil ceremony in London. I second shot this wedding with Ram of RAM BALMUR PHOTOGRAPHY  . It was a lovely ceremony spanned across four days in Delhi.

nisha vinayak

Nisha getting ready for her Sagai and Saanji ceremony.



Vinayak’s Haldi ceremony and the Sehra ceremony was beautifully traditional one.

wedding-book-page-8 wedding-book-page-10 wedding-book-page-11

Vinayak looked every inch a Punjabi Dulha ! wedding-book-page-14

The Bride’s “getting ready” picture session was so much fun with all her relatives walking in and out to share a laugh.



nisha vinayak-26

nisha vinayak-25

The bride makes an entrance!wedding-book-page-22

It was a very very colourful ceremony right from the bride’s attire to every little detail. wedding-book-page-24

nisha vinayak-31

nisha vinayak-34

wedding-book-page-31 wedding-book-page-35 wedding-book-page-37

Some portraits from the after-party.

dance black and white

dance colour nisha vinayak-13


Shahana & Shahrukh were getting married after a long courtship and I second-shot for this wedding. Shahana & Sharukh are really lovely quiet and private people and so was their wedding.

Very lovely, intimate affair for two days. We started with Shahana’s mehendi.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 1 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 2 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 3

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 4

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 5

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 6

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 7

Shahana’s Mehendi was very beautifully done by the Mumbai based Henna artist.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 8 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 9

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 10 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 11

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 12

A quite Luncheon with close family at Nido after the civil ceremony.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 14

For those who are wondering what does Nido mean, Nido ~ A term used to describe an exciting situation. Can portray a feeling of  awesomeness.

Getting ready for the Luncheon with the heirloom jewellery.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 13

The new Mrs. makes an entrance !

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 15

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 16

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 17

Some portraits from the party.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 18

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 19 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 20 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 21

It is refreshing to see all happy faces during the Bidai.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 23 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 24

I wish Shahana & Sharukh the very best that life has to offer!

Love !


I was excited to take pictures at Mayuri & Kiran’s wedding after I had shot their engagement. Mayuri was having a very different Haldi ceremony where she was going to get dressed appropriate for the day. And I was all excited!

Following are the pictures for Mayuri’s Haldi ceremony and the wedding day.

The Wedding Day

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

I wish the couple very best that the life has to offer!

Love !


Shraddha a friend and a super talented photographer contacted me via Facebook to take some pictures for her sister’s wedding. The brief was very simple, documenting the wedding and looking for pictures that normally photographers miss. The wedding was a four day long event with very interesting line-up.

Day 1: Rehersal dinner at the Chickoo Baug. This is the part that I was very excited about and very nervous too. Excited because the rehearsal dinner was hosted at 50yrs old Chickoo Baug with lush thick trees. And nervous because of the light but it ended up being the most magical evening I have witnessed.

janhavi & jeremy Page 2

janhavi & jeremy Page 5 janhavi & jeremy Page 4 janhavi & jeremy Page 6 janhavi & jeremy Page 7

Day 2 : Mehendi & Cocktail Party

janhavi & jeremy Page 10

janhavi & jeremy Page 11

janhavi & jeremy Page 12

janhavi & jeremy Page 13

janhavi & jeremy Page 14

janhavi & jeremy Page 15

Day 3 : The Wedding day.

janhavi & jeremy Page 16

janhavi & jeremy Page 17

janhavi & jeremy Page 18

janhavi & jeremy Page 19

janhavi & jeremy Page 24

janhavi & jeremy Page 27

Some portraits from the wedding day.

janhavi & jeremy Page 28

janhavi & jeremy Page 22

janhavi & jeremy Page 23

janhavi & jeremy Page 20

janhavi & jeremy Page 21

janhavi & jeremy Page 30

janhavi & jeremy Page 33

janhavi & jeremy Page 31

janhavi & jeremy Page 38

janhavi & jeremy Page 32

janhavi & jeremy Page 39

janhavi & jeremy Page 40

Day 4 : Documenting the Uday Baug farm.

janhavi & jeremy Page 42

janhavi & jeremy Page 43

janhavi & jeremy Page 47

janhavi & jeremy Page 9 janhavi & jeremy Page 46 janhavi & jeremy Page 45 janhavi & jeremy Page 44
Very magical four days documenting the bliss and love within the family and how much the farm means to them. I had such a beautiful time.

Thank you !

MAYURI : Portraits on Espousal Day, Mumbai. 2013

A few portraits from an espousal in Mumbai.

The light was a bit less and I could only see black and white images. Most of the images from this day barring a few are black and white and I am glad the couple liked them !



Processed with VSCOcam


WordPress and Facebook are eating on the sharpness and I am not too happy about it. Perhaps that’s because I usually post from phone.

Anyway, wishing Mayuri & Kiran the very best !

Love !


Rohini,  a  very old and dear friend was getting engaged and asked if I could take some pictures for her personal collection.

I am the happiest when a couple wants some pictures just for them. There were other host of photographers for the event but I was very happy with the job given to me, just some private pictures of the family.

The event was a very small, intimate family affair with just the close friends and family in attendance. I am particularly fond of South-Indian weddings, the old ladies are so adorable there.








Wishing Rohini the best that life has to offer!