A bit of happiness on a Monday is not too bad !

Just last week I saw that I have a little over 500 followers on Instagram, 506 to be precise and it really makes me happy !

I have been on Instagram for over a year now and its been a wonderful time here. And my blog and Instagram are my favourite places to be !


Here are the few awesome Photo people I feel you should definitely look for as they are an absolute source of inspiration for me !

TANA GANDHI – Queen of Minimalism

The queen of minimalism as she is, I think she has absolutely wonderful sense of composition which never fails to amaze me. She is my new favourite.

Tana Gandhi

I also very recently found that she also has a blog and that to a very lovely one…I see her topping my “must follow” list.

MAGALI VAZ –  For Daily Goodness

Magali is a personal friend and an inspirational blogger.  She has been quite instrumental towards me staring up my blog and running it on a daily basis.

Magali I Instagram

Magali also authors her really famous blog Life Etc.


Her feeds are an absolutelt visual treat as are her stories good to hear.

Anvitha Pillai

She also writes and you can read her blog here.

KISMET JEWELL NAKAI – The Fancy Photographer

My second current favourite ! And the fancy photographer behind The Unreal Bride.


You can also see her personal portfolio here.

ALPANA ARAS – A Very Old Favourite

I cannot not follow her. She has been my favourite from my Flickr days and I am so glad I could track her on facebook and now on Instagram and her blog.

image (4)

Alpana took a few pictures of G and me on one of her trips to India in 2012. You can see the pictures here .

SACHIN KHONA – Iconic Photo Maker

I have been following him for over two years now and is a constant source of inspiration.

image (1)

His wedding photographs are iconic and his portraits truly capture the essence of the person. See them here.

Please do suggest if you feel I should follow a particular person on Instagram or a blog that I might have missed.

One more thing that I am excited about is that December is here and it is vacation time!

G and me are on a vacation for next half of the month starting 15th. I have planned a surprise trip for G and me for our anniversary. But looks like I am terrible at planning surprises when you have a very intelligent and a very doting husband around so I guess he knows it but he is being very kind and putting up an act of “not knowing”.

So I guess this will be my last post in December but I am gonna try and write just one more before we go . Have you guys planned up for the new years, things you are looking forward to in the new year, tell me about it !