This effervescent bride got in touch just a week before her ceremony and I am so glad I could make it. This would be my first time shooting in Amravati.

Amravati is the hometown of number of politicians including our ex-president Pratibha Patil. Being a Political Science student I am always interested in visiting/discussing political scenarios around the state.

Here are a few photographs from their ceremony.






I wish the couple beautiful days ahead !

Love !



Coffee happens to be husband’s favourite so much so that he woke me up one fine morning at 7am and asked me out for a coffee date. As happy as I was then, I decided to make full use of this opportunity and take some pictures of rarely sighted Mr. Husband!


coffee thoughts

Starbucks Juhu happens to his favourite place for the decor is excellent and sustainable design and build methodologies are a part of Starbucks design concepts.

gaurav copy


 We also went to another of my favourite place that is not too far and the result is the above pictures : )

I can take you there for some portraits if any of you are interested, write me a mail  🙂


And I also got lucky with husband taking pictures of me !


Nisha and Vinayak were getting married in Delhi after their Civil ceremony in London. I second shot this wedding with Ram of RAM BALMUR PHOTOGRAPHY  . It was a lovely ceremony spanned across four days in Delhi.

nisha vinayak

Nisha getting ready for her Sagai and Saanji ceremony.



Vinayak’s Haldi ceremony and the Sehra ceremony was beautifully traditional one.

wedding-book-page-8 wedding-book-page-10 wedding-book-page-11

Vinayak looked every inch a Punjabi Dulha ! wedding-book-page-14

The Bride’s “getting ready” picture session was so much fun with all her relatives walking in and out to share a laugh.



nisha vinayak-26

nisha vinayak-25

The bride makes an entrance!wedding-book-page-22

It was a very very colourful ceremony right from the bride’s attire to every little detail. wedding-book-page-24

nisha vinayak-31

nisha vinayak-34

wedding-book-page-31 wedding-book-page-35 wedding-book-page-37

Some portraits from the after-party.

dance black and white

dance colour nisha vinayak-13


Shahana & Shahrukh were getting married after a long courtship and I second-shot for this wedding. Shahana & Sharukh are really lovely quiet and private people and so was their wedding.

Very lovely, intimate affair for two days. We started with Shahana’s mehendi.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 1 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 2 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 3

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 4

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 5

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 6

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 7

Shahana’s Mehendi was very beautifully done by the Mumbai based Henna artist.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 8 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 9

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 10 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 11

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 12

A quite Luncheon with close family at Nido after the civil ceremony.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 14

For those who are wondering what does Nido mean, Nido ~ A term used to describe an exciting situation. Can portray a feeling of  awesomeness.

Getting ready for the Luncheon with the heirloom jewellery.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 13

The new Mrs. makes an entrance !

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 15

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 16

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 17

Some portraits from the party.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 18

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 19 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 20 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 21

It is refreshing to see all happy faces during the Bidai.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 23 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 24

I wish Shahana & Sharukh the very best that life has to offer!

Love !


Shraddha a friend and a super talented photographer contacted me via Facebook to take some pictures for her sister’s wedding. The brief was very simple, documenting the wedding and looking for pictures that normally photographers miss. The wedding was a four day long event with very interesting line-up.

Day 1: Rehersal dinner at the Chickoo Baug. This is the part that I was very excited about and very nervous too. Excited because the rehearsal dinner was hosted at 50yrs old Chickoo Baug with lush thick trees. And nervous because of the light but it ended up being the most magical evening I have witnessed.

janhavi & jeremy Page 2

janhavi & jeremy Page 5 janhavi & jeremy Page 4 janhavi & jeremy Page 6 janhavi & jeremy Page 7

Day 2 : Mehendi & Cocktail Party

janhavi & jeremy Page 10

janhavi & jeremy Page 11

janhavi & jeremy Page 12

janhavi & jeremy Page 13

janhavi & jeremy Page 14

janhavi & jeremy Page 15

Day 3 : The Wedding day.

janhavi & jeremy Page 16

janhavi & jeremy Page 17

janhavi & jeremy Page 18

janhavi & jeremy Page 19

janhavi & jeremy Page 24

janhavi & jeremy Page 27

Some portraits from the wedding day.

janhavi & jeremy Page 28

janhavi & jeremy Page 22

janhavi & jeremy Page 23

janhavi & jeremy Page 20

janhavi & jeremy Page 21

janhavi & jeremy Page 30

janhavi & jeremy Page 33

janhavi & jeremy Page 31

janhavi & jeremy Page 38

janhavi & jeremy Page 32

janhavi & jeremy Page 39

janhavi & jeremy Page 40

Day 4 : Documenting the Uday Baug farm.

janhavi & jeremy Page 42

janhavi & jeremy Page 43

janhavi & jeremy Page 47

janhavi & jeremy Page 9 janhavi & jeremy Page 46 janhavi & jeremy Page 45 janhavi & jeremy Page 44
Very magical four days documenting the bliss and love within the family and how much the farm means to them. I had such a beautiful time.

Thank you !


Indigo Blue & Forest Green happen to be my favourite colours.

So one fine Sunday morning when the light was nice and bright The Husband and me dressed up blue and green and took some pictures.

g1This happens to be my favourite.


nainital1 copyg3This is an oldie from our trip to Nainital and I thought I had lost it.


a1Hello from me : ) Taken by The husband. Though I don’t particularly like the red lipstick, I was in mood for some colour.

One other note, a lot of new pictures coming up on the blog. A lot many travels something in particular which I think you all will like.

And how’s the summer treating you all ?



The available natural light plays a very important role in the photographs I take.

Mostly because I absolutely hate working with artificial lights.  Initially the hate was because of the fear and not understanding how to use them well but I am learning it now and it’s not that difficult. I did use a bit of artificial light in the following pictures and I am pretty happy with the results. The light doesn’t over-power the subject so that makes me happy.

I was contacted by the parents to take pictures of their 3-month old daughter. It was lovely to see the parents again after I took pictures at their wedding : )

image(244)Baby and the pieces of nature from their home.

Happy little baby!


Processed with VSCOcam with b6 presetBaby P with her daddy.

I am so glad for this opportunity to take pictures of Baby P. So glad she didn’t fret much and was a happy baby throughout : )

Looking forward for my next picture-taking day with Baby P and her parents.

Love !