My visit to Chennai was a good start to 2015. I always wanted to visit South India after extensively visiting the North, East and West, and finally got this chance.

It was a packed schedule of six days with three weddings to document. I shot my first Muslim wedding and second shot with the ever-so-awesome photographer Varun Suresh. You all will get to see the weddings in upcoming blog posts but a few shots from a personal project are below. I am trying to document as many patterns of nature as possible. And I am quite happy with the images I got here in Chennai.

chennai lotusnature set 1 Chennai copy

Egg, one of the bride’s cat. She was tiny and comfortably sitting in an oval shape when they first saw, so instantly named her Egg.

Chennai Cats

I also had a chance to meet and work with this wonderful team of cinematographers from Chennai, Anvitha & Naveen. You can see their work on Vimeo. Anvitha and me have been friends for quite sometime now and had met her only in 2010. It was really nice meeting and working with her.

Anvitha Naveen Chennai 2015

I managed a glimpse of the beautiful land of Tamil Nadu, so many sights, tastes and emotions to soak in. I missed visiting Marina Beach, may be thats for my next visit. I visited the beautiful Kapaleeshwarar Temple and it literally took my breath away. Southern architecture also known as Dravidian architecture has always fascinated me.

Kapileshwara Chennai

Chennai Auto. The driver was cleaning up his auto and I asked him if he could park the auto in the spot I wanted and he happily did : )

Chennai Auto

My love for South India is not limited just to architecture but extends into sarees, jewellery and food too. Early on I had started collecting silk sarees which have become an inseperable part of me. I am also saving up for temple jewellery.

Anvitha graciously agreed to take me to Nalli. A visiting to Nalli’s oldest shop (since 1928) was definitely on top of my list. I was in a wonderland!

Chennai Silks

chennai times

I had a chance to visit one of the oldest breakfast place Saravana Bhawan and loved the chutneys they served. However the idlis and dosas of Murugan Idli Shop are so much better. I think they should team up and cook what they are best at !

 I also got a chance to dine at Mahamudra by Isha life. It is a boutique restaurant and I would highly recommend for healthy and wholesome eating.

I am really hoping to go back soon and probably visit surrounding places like Dakshin Chitra, Pondicherry and Sri Lanka! So any of you plan to get married here, I will happily book my tickets !

I will leave you all here by wishing you a very Happy New year ! Times are passing by too quickly ! I have no idea what 2015 has in store for me but I am looking to explore more in terms of a visual artist. I am also hoping for more travel.

And also give way to a special project that I have been working on for quite sometime now, a new blog perhaps shall see the light soon !

Love !



This effervescent bride got in touch just a week before her ceremony and I am so glad I could make it. This would be my first time shooting in Amravati.

Amravati is the hometown of number of politicians including our ex-president Pratibha Patil. Being a Political Science student I am always interested in visiting/discussing political scenarios around the state.

Here are a few photographs from their ceremony.






I wish the couple beautiful days ahead !

Love !


Nisha and Vinayak were getting married in Delhi after their Civil ceremony in London. I second shot this wedding with Ram of RAM BALMUR PHOTOGRAPHY  . It was a lovely ceremony spanned across four days in Delhi.

nisha vinayak

Nisha getting ready for her Sagai and Saanji ceremony.



Vinayak’s Haldi ceremony and the Sehra ceremony was beautifully traditional one.

wedding-book-page-8 wedding-book-page-10 wedding-book-page-11

Vinayak looked every inch a Punjabi Dulha ! wedding-book-page-14

The Bride’s “getting ready” picture session was so much fun with all her relatives walking in and out to share a laugh.



nisha vinayak-26

nisha vinayak-25

The bride makes an entrance!wedding-book-page-22

It was a very very colourful ceremony right from the bride’s attire to every little detail. wedding-book-page-24

nisha vinayak-31

nisha vinayak-34

wedding-book-page-31 wedding-book-page-35 wedding-book-page-37

Some portraits from the after-party.

dance black and white

dance colour nisha vinayak-13


Shahana & Shahrukh were getting married after a long courtship and I second-shot for this wedding. Shahana & Sharukh are really lovely quiet and private people and so was their wedding.

Very lovely, intimate affair for two days. We started with Shahana’s mehendi.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 1 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 2 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 3

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 4

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 5

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 6

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 7

Shahana’s Mehendi was very beautifully done by the Mumbai based Henna artist.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 8 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 9

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 10 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 11

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 12

A quite Luncheon with close family at Nido after the civil ceremony.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 14

For those who are wondering what does Nido mean, Nido ~ A term used to describe an exciting situation. Can portray a feeling of  awesomeness.

Getting ready for the Luncheon with the heirloom jewellery.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 13

The new Mrs. makes an entrance !

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 15

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 16

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 17

Some portraits from the party.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 18

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 19 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 20 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 21

It is refreshing to see all happy faces during the Bidai.

Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 23 Shahana & Sharukhbook Page 24

I wish Shahana & Sharukh the very best that life has to offer!

Love !


What better time to take some family pictures than the occasion of Father’s Day! Amrutha wanted some family pictures and we got lucky with beautiful weather over the weekend. I met them at the nearby park and her son Agastya is an absolute darling!

Very very well-mannered and caring ( he wanted to share everything he got with me : ) ), very smart (He knows when a meteor hits earth, it makes a crater ) So delighted to meet the family of my Japanese teacher after 8 long years !

Starting out with my favourite frame of the day.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Agastya with his Aai.


Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Agastya with his Baba.


Agastya with his Aji ( grand mum )


We went home to take more pictures and he introduced me to his Spiderman buddy!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

I thank Amrutha and her family for this opportunity to take her family pictures. Wishing Agastya the very best !



It was a beautiful ride back home from shoot and it had just showered in the city and the air was nice and cool. It was High tide at the sea and I could see the water splashing up on the road and the sea-link looked beautiful.

It was quite not possible to not take a picture. Following are the pictures from midnight ride back home.


Bandra-Worli Sea Link is officially called Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link that links Bandra (Western Suburbs) to Worli (South Mumbai).


A bit of more information can be read at Wikipedia.


I do plan to go out more this Monsoon and take pictures around the city. Bombay is quite enchanting during the Monsoons.


I was excited to take pictures at Mayuri & Kiran’s wedding after I had shot their engagement. Mayuri was having a very different Haldi ceremony where she was going to get dressed appropriate for the day. And I was all excited!

Following are the pictures for Mayuri’s Haldi ceremony and the wedding day.

The Wedding Day

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

I wish the couple very best that the life has to offer!

Love !