First look at The Pantry and you are charmed by the old-world art-deco setting completed with potted plants and a guard-man in uniform !

the pantry 2 the pantry

The most charming, friendly bakery-cafe of Mumbai, The Pantry is nestled in the bustling street of Kala Ghoda. This all-white, high-cieling, charmingly industrial looking and pretty as a picture cafe has my heart. 


a tasteful playlist that features a mix of artists + free wi-fi

The café opens bright and early at 8am, serves freshly squeezed juices ( my favourite pomegranate & sweet lime ), breakfast such as crème brûlée porridge, scones with whipped cream, baked eggs with mushrooms and parsley, and red millet pancakes with cinnamon-apple compote.  The carefully curated menu surprisingly doesn’t include the usuals like waffles and omelettes.

The Pantry gets a major brownie point from me for insisting on a locally grown ingredients.

I would highly recommend visiting The Pantry at the breakfast time.  The place tends to get a bit busy during other times.

The Pantry is well managed by Sumit Gambhir, Abhishek Honawar & Pankil Shah. They are the famous trio of Woodside Inn. What the chaps at The Pantry have succeeded in doing is recreating the same, inviting, casual vibe as Woodside.

The weekend is on it’s way and I would highly recommend for you to visit The Pantry for its lovely morning ambience. I assure you, you would be glued to your chairs for a longer time so make sure you visit when you are at liberty with time.

Go say hello to The pantry on Facebook !

Have a lovely weekend ahead !

I will be in Delhi till Wednesday hence the early wishes : )



When I am traveling, it is essential for me to find a place to stay that doesn’t look out of place.

It’s a part of what I call “a complete picture” to make my travel experience wholesome !

I have a whole list of “places to stay” for all my future travels, right from Paris to Mexico and I update the list frequently. I recently learnt that Mumbai got it’s first boutique hotel in a very posh locale so I decided to make a visit as to if I can recommend it to any of my fellow travelers. And the answer is YES !

This quote welcomes you to Abode., set in the heart of Mumbai is a hop away from Gateway of India.

What I liked about Abode is that it was built with an idea without scraping the history to the edifice that holds Abode. I am genuinely thankful to the Architect & Interior Designer Sian Pascale who has made the place seamlessly in sync with bustling city around.

The Abode Hotel is Bombay’s first boutique luxury hotel, situated in the bustling heart of historic Colaba. Run by Abedin Sham, of sandwich chain Wich Latte and London-turned-Mumbai resident Lizzie Chapman, Abode is a two-level hotel located in a 110-year-old building that pays homage to Bombay’s heritage and bohemian past.

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Abode is the sequel to a story that begun in 1910 when Bombay was a bustling port, brimming with traders from across the new world. The hotel began life as the private residence of David Sassoon, one of Bombay’s most industrious entrepreneurs, during the city’s commercial heyday.
A local family specialising in antiquities, acquired the property in 1982 and ran it as a small guesthouse for many years until its true potential was realised in 2013.

The Reception / Lobby Area.

 Abode is located on a bustling commercial street, in a heritage property built in 1910. The hotel’s wooden and iron façade has been fully restored and the lobby features an original 19th Century chandelier.

The floors are laid with hand-made cement tiles by a Mumbai tile maker, using a 100 year old technique.

Abode is adorned with very interesting Bombay anecdotes and art pieces.


This Library / Sitting area is an extension of the Lobby.

The hotel’s style is inspired by the city of Bombay, it’s transition to modern day Mumbai and its layers of design heritage. 

In the café, Abode has adapted many dishes to use local, seasonal ingredients. This makes the food fresher and healthier as well as reducing our impact on the planet.

image(61)The gorgeous old-world art.

The rooms look beautiful with custom-built furniture designed specifically for Abode.

Bedroom light fittings have been created using hand-thrown ceramic lampshades, turned hardwood lamp holders and neon. Fabrics used for soft furnishings have been sourced from vintage saris, local markets or handwoven by the charitable organization Women Weave.

Their calling card is undoubtedly their smaller basic rooms, meant for freelancers, designers, and other creative types traveling on a budget.

image(115)20 elegantly appointed rooms feature carefully restored vintage furniture, original artworks, sumptuous bedding and the latest entertainment technology. Guests enjoy complimentary breakfast, complimentary 24-hour, unlimited high speed WiFi, a peaceful treatment room, carefully curated shop, café and room service.

I love the fact that Abode is a well-thought out project and it reflects in every aspect associated to it., right from the directional help on the website to the logo.

The logo is inspired by the Indian Rangoli and is made with love byBritish graphic designer Katy Buckley.


Contact :

First Floor, Landsowne House,M.B. Marg (near Regal Cinema),
Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharastra, India, 400001

+91 8080234066

Abode is a highly recommended hotel for all my friends traveling to Mumbai. It’s your first taste of the city once you arrive here.

abode (əˈbəʊd/ ) 
noun: abode; plural noun: abodes
1. a place of residence; a house or home.
~my humble abode~
On an other exciting note, the Abode family is being extra generous to all the Serendipity readers with co-hosting its first giveaway contest coming on 3rd March 2014. Stay tuned guys !


The available natural light plays a very important role in the photographs I take.

Mostly because I absolutely hate working with artificial lights.  Initially the hate was because of the fear and not understanding how to use them well but I am learning it now and it’s not that difficult. I did use a bit of artificial light in the following pictures and I am pretty happy with the results. The light doesn’t over-power the subject so that makes me happy.

I was contacted by the parents to take pictures of their 3-month old daughter. It was lovely to see the parents again after I took pictures at their wedding : )

image(244)Baby and the pieces of nature from their home.

Happy little baby!


Processed with VSCOcam with b6 presetBaby P with her daddy.

I am so glad for this opportunity to take pictures of Baby P. So glad she didn’t fret much and was a happy baby throughout : )

Looking forward for my next picture-taking day with Baby P and her parents.

Love !


I was contacted by this gentleman asking if I could take some pictures of his home.

I was amazed by this request and was elated by this opportunity at the same time. Very few people see the need to document the events, places that go beyond the regular festivities.

He had specifically said that the light is beautiful between 7.30am to 9.00am and if I could reach at that time. I was happy with the details he had shared about his home and also the emotion why he wished for some pictures of his home.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetThe home was exactly as what he had described and the light was indeed very magical. This chair had my attention all the time.

I then got to see his old box of photographs. This one is of his mother.

image(238)Ajoba was extremely camera shy but the pictures would be incomplete without him so I promised his face wont go on the blog : )

The are so many of my favourite frames from this assignment but wont add them here as these are his personal photographs. Just one last frame for you to look for the magical light in his house.

This house was full of beautiful objects collected over the period of years. The beautiful bookcase, cane seating in the living, Ebony wood figurines and a lot of other antique things.

I am so humbled and delighted to have had this opportunity to take pictures for him.  I wish more people had this thought to photograph these miss-able moments in  life.

~ There is more to life than rushing time. ~

Couldnt trace the author to this thought but if you do find out,  please let me know.


Some more frames from Insiya’s shoot. This time it was just Insiya as Eoin back to The United States for his workshops.

The Husband came along this time and helped : ) I am a huge fan of collages these days and put the pictures together in the most simplest way.

I hope you all like these !





It  is such a happy feeling when a client loves your work and asks if you can also take a couple of family pictures too.

That’s what Insiya asked me. Insiya, Eoin & Ananda live in British Columbia and its a rare chance for them to be with Insiya’s family in Mumbai.

And their son Ananda looked so handsome that I didn’t want to miss this opportunity : ) So I obliged !

IMG_5992Anand being his happy self. I love his name : )

IMG_6003Smiling with his daddy.

IMG_5997 Ananda with all of his folks : )

Thank you Insiya, Sara Aunty (esp. for that awesome Granola. I am in love with you. ), Mansur Uncle, Eoin and Ananda for giving me this opportunity to take pictures of the family. I loved my time here : )

Love !

MAYURI : Portraits on Espousal Day, Mumbai. 2013

A few portraits from an espousal in Mumbai.

The light was a bit less and I could only see black and white images. Most of the images from this day barring a few are black and white and I am glad the couple liked them !



Processed with VSCOcam


WordPress and Facebook are eating on the sharpness and I am not too happy about it. Perhaps that’s because I usually post from phone.

Anyway, wishing Mayuri & Kiran the very best !

Love !