One day I really wish to document a wedding in only black and white and possibly on Ilford : )

But meanwhile here are some other black and white images.

shimla timesDaisy and Nikhil’s wedding venue, Shimla. February 2015.

And amidst the beautiful Shimla hills I met Kismet of The Unreal Bride

It was rather a beautiful surprise that the couple booked us both seperatly : ) And it was nothing but such a joy working with her. I hope to bump into her more often !


Also met Mehlum on his yet another trip to India. We went wandering about on the streets on Bombay and took these few pictures of him.

mehlum 1

These pictures are taken by Nikon 50mm 1.2 which is a manual focus lens. And I am absolutely in love with it !

It was my second time shooting with Nikon and I might just be tipping towards it, just like Ram Balmur who recently switched his whole Canon equipment to Nikon. I think I will follow suit sometime : ) Though I still have to do my homework for it.


We met again at Banganga and here is the set of images he took of me on his Tumblr page.

I haven’t been posting much of wedding work here but I am behind editing 8 weddings and so many many more updates.

Next post will be a glimpse of the beautiful couples I got to meet.

Also I have been working on a brand ideology for “Serendipity” and also possibly a new look for the blog. But I am too attached to the current layout so you guys can help me make a decision.

Till then, love!



It’s always been a black and white image that has held my attention for the longest.

It is something about the monotones that intrigue me always. 


The next is minimalism in a frame.

I like that it leaves some room for me to make my own meaning to it.

I recently came across some brilliant strokes by artist Tasneem Amiruddin and I am happy to call her my friend. I am taking the liberty to publish her work here without speaking to her only because it is in good faith and her work has inspired me so much. It is classic !

Tasneem 1 Tasneem 2

I feel I have grown as a photographer in terms of my aesthetic sense.

It is moving more towards minimalism, black and white and more natural looking.

Tasneem, thank you so much again for inspiring me : )

Love !


It’s quite thrilling that people look at your work and appreciate and want you to be documenting their special day. And all of this is even more exciting when the couple is from faraway lands : ) I really did not presume the reachability of my blog : )

Jay & Arati were quite sweet in asking if I could be there for their wedding day. But as that was not possible we just decided to meet when they were going to be in Bombay.

We met and took some pictures !

black and white wings copy

diptych balck and white copy

arati smiles copy

aratileaves blackandwhite copy

black and white hands copy

I will shoot only black and white images at any given opportunity and here it was !

Jay & Arati got married last week so wishing them a wonderful togetherness !

Love !


I need to confess that I honestly did nothing in this photo-session. But just got lucky by being there and witnessing this utterly gorgeous family!

vir smiles

We took a few pictures in the nearby garden and thought of resting a little bit and return back in sometime. I went up to their house and the light was so so beautiful that I thought of continuing the photo-session.

smriti bulchandani family-34

This happens to be my favourite picture of the little boy and his mother! And it had to be in black and white !

smriti bulchandani family-61

smriti vir collage

These two make for a gorgeous looking couple!


and so much in love : )

love black and white

I love being in love and photographing people in love !


Nishka found my blog as she herself is regular at blogging scene. She contacted me sometime back when she was in Dubai.

After months of keeping in touch and going to and fro on dates we finally freezed on Anay’s birthday for the family session. And luckily they were going to be in Bombay then!

nishka family black and white copy

Anay has the most charming smile I have seen, isn’t he a darling!

anay smiles copy

Windows happen to be my favourite spot to shoot! Since I am not too fond of artificial lighting, I make best use of the gorgeous big window lights!

blacka nd white copy

I wish Anay and his family a lifetime of happy smiles!
And stay tuned for some more family sessions + gorgeous couples on the blog!



Coffee happens to be husband’s favourite so much so that he woke me up one fine morning at 7am and asked me out for a coffee date. As happy as I was then, I decided to make full use of this opportunity and take some pictures of rarely sighted Mr. Husband!


coffee thoughts

Starbucks Juhu happens to his favourite place for the decor is excellent and sustainable design and build methodologies are a part of Starbucks design concepts.

gaurav copy


 We also went to another of my favourite place that is not too far and the result is the above pictures : )

I can take you there for some portraits if any of you are interested, write me a mail  🙂


And I also got lucky with husband taking pictures of me !


This month has been awfully quiet, beautiful and melancholy at the same time. It’s the birthday month for me and I tend to go in the contemplative mode every year. Thoughts from past and thoughts to the future engulf me and surround me.  But I am glad I have been taking pictures.

Silence is something that I has always inspired me and I got a lot of me-time this past weeks, thanks to my trips to Pune. If you are following me on Instagram you already know my love for Pune and other cities. A bit of both happy and sad thoughts never ever left my mind even on roads. Happy thoughts of going to Pune, my beloved city. Given a chance I would move to Pune right away!  Below are some shots from Saras Baug, a tranquil right amidst the city.

pune Page 1

pune Page 2

I have loved my quiet moments more than anything. I feel my best thoughts come to me when I am in silence.  The morning trip to Saras Baug gave me that space I needed, that quiet space.

I wanted to make images that would make you want to be quiet when you see them.

Processed with VSCOcam with b6 preset

On other note, we celebrated our 68th Independence day this week. My husband gave some fodder for thought on India and Pakistan. His article ACROSS & BEYOND is a fantastic insight of common man’s life in Pakistan and I am happy to have a thinking husband who has thoughts beyond the mundane.

pune Page 3

And sad thoughts of passing away of a brilliant brilliant actor Mr. Robin Williams. Sitting here seven seas away as they say, his death might not affect my life in real terms but on a more deeper level it did! It was like passing away of someone from the family!

I remember most of my lunches with re runs of Jumanji and Mrs. Doubtfire and all the happy laughing memories that Robin gave me. And I can’t believe the fact that he was sad all the while he made me laugh. A relationship taught me very well that you cannot heal a person by loving them and you yourself need to heal your hurt. I just wish he saw all the love he had and mustered up courage to stay. But I also wonder where were all these people when he needed them.                   I am sad I won’t ever get to see his brilliance again.

I hope he has found his happy place now!

I will miss the spark in his eyes the most!

robin Page 2

 Love to the world!