This month has been awfully quiet, beautiful and melancholy at the same time. It’s the birthday month for me and I tend to go in the contemplative mode every year. Thoughts from past and thoughts to the future engulf me and surround me.  But I am glad I have been taking pictures.

Silence is something that I has always inspired me and I got a lot of me-time this past weeks, thanks to my trips to Pune. If you are following me on Instagram you already know my love for Pune and other cities. A bit of both happy and sad thoughts never ever left my mind even on roads. Happy thoughts of going to Pune, my beloved city. Given a chance I would move to Pune right away!  Below are some shots from Saras Baug, a tranquil right amidst the city.

pune Page 1

pune Page 2

I have loved my quiet moments more than anything. I feel my best thoughts come to me when I am in silence.  The morning trip to Saras Baug gave me that space I needed, that quiet space.

I wanted to make images that would make you want to be quiet when you see them.

Processed with VSCOcam with b6 preset

On other note, we celebrated our 68th Independence day this week. My husband gave some fodder for thought on India and Pakistan. His article ACROSS & BEYOND is a fantastic insight of common man’s life in Pakistan and I am happy to have a thinking husband who has thoughts beyond the mundane.

pune Page 3

And sad thoughts of passing away of a brilliant brilliant actor Mr. Robin Williams. Sitting here seven seas away as they say, his death might not affect my life in real terms but on a more deeper level it did! It was like passing away of someone from the family!

I remember most of my lunches with re runs of Jumanji and Mrs. Doubtfire and all the happy laughing memories that Robin gave me. And I can’t believe the fact that he was sad all the while he made me laugh. A relationship taught me very well that you cannot heal a person by loving them and you yourself need to heal your hurt. I just wish he saw all the love he had and mustered up courage to stay. But I also wonder where were all these people when he needed them.                   I am sad I won’t ever get to see his brilliance again.

I hope he has found his happy place now!

I will miss the spark in his eyes the most!

robin Page 2

 Love to the world!


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