Indigo Blue & Forest Green happen to be my favourite colours.

So one fine Sunday morning when the light was nice and bright The Husband and me dressed up blue and green and took some pictures.

g1This happens to be my favourite.


nainital1 copyg3This is an oldie from our trip to Nainital and I thought I had lost it.


a1Hello from me : ) Taken by The husband. Though I don’t particularly like the red lipstick, I was in mood for some colour.

One other note, a lot of new pictures coming up on the blog. A lot many travels something in particular which I think you all will like.

And how’s the summer treating you all ?



4 thoughts on “BLUE & GREEN

    • Hi Mitali,

      Thank you so much for all the kind & supportive comments on the blog. Yes, I am in the middle of changing the house-decor so probably I’ll get them printed as per your suggestion.
      Also, we should meet if you are in Bombay : )

      • In fact, I should thank you, Anushree, for constantly inspiring me with your stories. Your blog always makes me realize of what a serendipitous journey life is and can be.

        And yes, we must definitely meet some day. 🙂 It would be an absolute pleasure to have accompanied you on one of your travels around the city.

        Loads of love.

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