First look at The Pantry and you are charmed by the old-world art-deco setting completed with potted plants and a guard-man in uniform !

the pantry 2 the pantry

The most charming, friendly bakery-cafe of Mumbai, The Pantry is nestled in the bustling street of Kala Ghoda. This all-white, high-cieling, charmingly industrial looking and pretty as a picture cafe has my heart. 


a tasteful playlist that features a mix of artists + free wi-fi

The café opens bright and early at 8am, serves freshly squeezed juices ( my favourite pomegranate & sweet lime ), breakfast such as crème brûlée porridge, scones with whipped cream, baked eggs with mushrooms and parsley, and red millet pancakes with cinnamon-apple compote.  The carefully curated menu surprisingly doesn’t include the usuals like waffles and omelettes.

The Pantry gets a major brownie point from me for insisting on a locally grown ingredients.

I would highly recommend visiting The Pantry at the breakfast time.  The place tends to get a bit busy during other times.

The Pantry is well managed by Sumit Gambhir, Abhishek Honawar & Pankil Shah. They are the famous trio of Woodside Inn. What the chaps at The Pantry have succeeded in doing is recreating the same, inviting, casual vibe as Woodside.

The weekend is on it’s way and I would highly recommend for you to visit The Pantry for its lovely morning ambience. I assure you, you would be glued to your chairs for a longer time so make sure you visit when you are at liberty with time.

Go say hello to The pantry on Facebook !

Have a lovely weekend ahead !

I will be in Delhi till Wednesday hence the early wishes : )


5 thoughts on “THE PANTRY

  1. uff anushree! your pictures make my day. the way you frame things. i love it all.
    which camera are you using? and which lens? I’m asking because the depth of the pictures is marvelous as well and I’m learning about lenses and their outputs…

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