It  is such a happy feeling when a client loves your work and asks if you can also take a couple of family pictures too.

That’s what Insiya asked me. Insiya, Eoin & Ananda live in British Columbia and its a rare chance for them to be with Insiya’s family in Mumbai.

And their son Ananda looked so handsome that I didn’t want to miss this opportunity : ) So I obliged !

IMG_5992Anand being his happy self. I love his name : )

IMG_6003Smiling with his daddy.

IMG_5997 Ananda with all of his folks : )

Thank you Insiya, Sara Aunty (esp. for that awesome Granola. I am in love with you. ), Mansur Uncle, Eoin and Ananda for giving me this opportunity to take pictures of the family. I loved my time here : )

Love !


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