Sometime last week I was finally able to gather up some courage and tread the paths of a Fishmarket !

I was there with a friend just to take pictures. My idea of a fishmarket was so different from what I actually got to see, the ladies utterly pretty and very very sweet!

I am glad I am now friends with Lakshmi, maybe I can score a bargain for a Sunday treat : )



Mrs. Lakshmi.


Mrs. Lakshmi.


This old lady was a persistent seller shouting on top of her voice and getting attention of the buyers.



The above two ladies were happy to pose for me.


What remains….

On another note, The Husband and me go on a vacation this week and I can’t be happier about it !

The whole year of working and a well deserved holiday surprise for G.

This will be my last post for 2013. I have been blogging for a whole year and I must say it’s been happy times with all my readers here. Thank you so much !

A lot of new things for you all to see and read. A whole new additions planned up on the blog.

So wishing you all a very Happy New Year !


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