Such a cliched statement to have it as a title for the post but I firmly believe in it and follow it as much as I can. Food for me has always been an integral part of how I live. I have dreamt of being able to cook really well and throw a feast. This post is in accordance to a recent dream I had and a very interesting blog I came across recently. I write this post while I indulge in Marie Light Peanut Butter Biscuit Sandwich ; )

Dream : I am very domestic when it comes to cooking and I love cooking and try and make new things. I have been getting this dream for a long time now where I am hosting a bunch of friends with an amazing array of delicacies cooked by me. And I had this dream again last week.

And then yesterday a friend Gopal of Mumbai Paused referred me to this amazing new Instagram Based Food Blog, Magic Marinade.


Another of my favourite food shots are by Saikat Biswas, an Industrial Designer (my favourite happens to be the Clock ). I have followed Saikat’s work from my Flickr days and even though I am no more on Flickr I do go there to see his posts.


One reason why I absolutely loved these two pages is that they also have a sense of design and considering both the guys have a strong design background, it doesn’t come as a surprise.  Magic Marinade seems to be pure labour of love cause Anand has taken has even looked at the choice of fonts he uses on the blog. And I dream of cooking the Saikat way, it just looks so clean and appetizing and very inviting. I really like the clean lines and sophistication in the presentation.

I can happily live on veggies and fruits all my life. Food has to be natural in its composition and veggies and fruits make my heart happy. The whole idea of eating meat makes me feel like I would grow into this violent being. But doctor has advised sea-food so I eat Prawns and Pomfret. I am really picky about what I eat.

Magic Marinade has inspired me to go back to my old love of cooking, I hope I am able to do a good job. There has been a bit of experimenting these days with The Husband being a huge fan of non-vegetarian food and food in general. I found that I am good at making this one particular Chicken recipe cause its quick and healthy on heart and can fit in your lunch box (Recipe given below, photograph will be uploaded over the weekend). And I suck at making rotis. (guidance is appreciated)



Red Chilli Paste + 10 cloves of Garlic + 1 table spoon ginger paste + 1 table spoon Sugar + 1/2 table spoon Vinegar  +

11/2 table spoon Honey + 1 Chicken Breast  +  Carrot Julliennes + French Beans + Salt

Spice Paste :

Heat Olive Oil in the pan and toss sliced garlic and stir fry. Add Ginger paste and stir till it turns golden brown. Add the Red Chilli paste and Sugar and still till the sugar melts away and gives you a beautiful sweet spicy aroma. Add Vinegar and Salt and stir  in the end and put it off the flame. Your Spice Paste is ready.

Marination :

Rub the spice paste well on the chicken breast and gently drizzle honey over it and let it stay for about two hours. Marination is the key to the recipe here since the chicken really gets tender.

Method :

Double boil the Carrot julienne and French beans, take care that the veggies don’t lose the crispness. Keep the veggies aside.

Heat the pan and brush oil oil. Put the marinated chicken and let it sit on the same side for about 2 minutes till the honey and the spices get caramelized and look  nice golden brown. Turn the side and cover the pan with a lid. This keeps the chicken juicy. Check for the softness with the help of  a knife. If the knife goes through smoothly and comes out clean, you have a perfectly cooked chicken.

Serve :

Arrange the Carrots and the French Beans on the either side of the plate and garnish with chopped Coriander. Add Chicken to the plate and garnish with a dollop of homemade Cream.

Also, I have heard a lot about The Gourmet Box and Rawleaf  to get clean ingredients. I got Granola Bars from The Gourmet Box and they  were pretty good and apart from that I am still not sure about the quality so if any of you are sure about products on these two websites please let me know. Just that they should make their sites look a little more nice.

Do try the above recipe and let me know if you like it. Also I am not pro at writing recipes and devising them so please guide me towards bettering the recipes. Let me know if there is a particular way of writing recipes. I would also love to hear any of your favourite recipes. 

Stay Hungry!

Stay Happy!





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