To see the world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour
~ William Blake

These words really have been driving me through life. “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand” is something I so much believe in. Creation is something that inspires me and drives me and I make it a point that I learn or create something each day.

Just writing on a beautiful Saturday evening and I would like to show you guys some awesome stuff I came across recently. And researching for Paperworks and reading and finding more earth friendly things, I come across some really talented people.

I found this Delhi based artisan Antima Khanna via Ankit’s ( he has an awesome blog and especially read his poem to his father) Facebook page and I am so glad about it 😃

So I wrote to Antima after I visited her blog. I wrote to her on an awesome thing she has recently made. “Inked in 90s” is her journey of losing some things precious and then embarking on a mission to find them again.

So, intrigued by this whole idea I decided to buy one of her notebooks. I honestly didn’t know what to expect so I had left it all till I receive the parcel. And I did!


The one that I got was “Calcutta – Jaipur”. Antima thoughtfully saw somewhere that I am fond of the Bengali city and she sent me this postcard from Bechardasjee (Calcutta) to Johri Hajarimal Milapchand (Jaipur).


Mr. Bechardasjee’s handwriting is something that cannot be missed. It is perfectly poised and reminds me of my grandfather. He always insisted on having a good handwriting and would make all his grandchildren write in both the Roman and Devnagri script. I think he sprouted my affection towards Typography somewhere.



The notebooks are beautifully cloth-bound and lovingly hand-made.




A handwritten note from the artist herself is definitely to be cherished!


A beautifully packed notebook and in toe were one of Antima’s another creation “Mogra“.

Mogra, collection of 5 necklaces is inspired by the very fragrant flower which happens to be my favourite too. The fondest memory of a farmhouse and its pathway lined with Mogra.


And there was a surprise too! A piece of Antima’s earlier made creation, “Brass & Glass


Elated on receiving all these beautiful beautiful things and a very willing neighbour to pose, I went upstairs and took some pictures.






Antima, these things that I received are indeed extremely special because you put your thoughts and moulded them by your own hands. I have grown in a family that is fond of handmade things. It’s Dussehra today and I remember how my parents insisted on making the flower garlands, elaborate rangolis by mum. I wish you a very Happy Dussehra and hope you reach the milestones you have been dreaming of.



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