I just realized that I am writing my 27th post on the blog.  I hit a new age last Friday! And I am turning a year older, a little wiser.  When I look back on my life I realize how blessed I am and continue to be, but not all I had hoped for has come to actuality. More times than not I see that all I had planned and foreseen was just an attempt to write my own story and be in control.

It was my first with The Husband! G and me would soon complete a year of togetherness.

Birthday eves for me are mostly contemplating on the year that went by and I can’t really ignore that days are really really flying by. All these years I have enjoyed being with myself,  there were people that walked in and just passed by but the family really stayed put. This year saw  addition of new members to the brood.

People usually do the customary “to-do” list at the start/end of the year but I do mine for my birthday. There are a lot of things that I do on my own for my birthday for example, getting myself a gift which is a pretty nice feeling. I usually buy myself a perfume. Its been Burberry for a few years now. This year I wanted to buy Euphoria by Calvin Klein but somehow it was out of stock : ( So I decided to wait till I find a perfect fragrance for me. And…the Husband  me with a fragrance so similar to Euphoria that I am happy with my lovely present now.

Here are my birthday portraits taken by Neha and edited by me.




 l Dark Blue Blazer Jacket Zara India l Leather JacketMassimo Dutti l

This post was in the drafts for about two weeks now, I just couldn’t get it to complete. A lot of thoughts around birthdays and don’t know how to put them down.  So this post might not be a well composed one since all the thoughts are coming in a random array.

A lot of new things planned up for the remaining half of this year.

Wishing me happiness always!



  1. These portrait photos of you are beautiful, Anushree!! Love the edit and the blazer. Also, I have a feeling we have the same birthday if you celebrated it on Friday of this year…August 30th?!

    Love your blog and your wedding photos you shared in your previous post- You made a gorgeous bride!

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