Paperworks Etc. is something that G, Neha and me are working on.  It kept us busy all through this year and its out now.

It is really difficult for us to make people understand the philosophy behind it. Paperworks Etc. is more of an idea than a product. Paperworks Etc. is not just something that has handmade paper products but a lot many things to it.

Humility, Honesty are the core values that this brand associates itself with.  The brand primarily makes notebooks and other assorted paper products with a sole intention of documentation. We thought of making paper products because Paper is as basic and as humble as we can get.  And the name is  significant because simply “paper works”  and blends with the ideology we had thought of.  The idea to its core belongs to G. My contribution is I feel on the design front. We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by like-minded artists working with us on the brand.

Paperworks Etc. as a brand dedicates its existence to Mother Earth. And hence we are sending across free seed packets with every purchase.

 Here are a few pictures of the new Paperworks Etc. products thought out and executed by me. Otherwise I usually follow the brief that G gives me while taking product pictures.



image4 image3 image2  image

Please follow the links to read more about this brand. For now Paperworks is only available on the website but will be available in select stores in India.

Website :

Blog :

Facebook page :


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