Vallari, little girl in the family is true to her name, meaning “Cluster of blossoms”. She is one and a half year old and has absolutely adorable cheeks!

She visited us last weekend and here are a few pictures of her. The beads around her neck are her favourite and she wouldn’t part with it.

ImageImageImageI am sure you must have crowed for the “non-sharp” images on this blog and with the above pictures. I am not a fan of “sharpness” in the images but yes you definitely need it sometimes to depict certain things.

I am huge fan of blurry images especially at the wedding and of the kids. Here the subjects are so much in motion all the time and its interesting to see how the blur and sharpness play the role in giving you drama of that particular situation. And I, have a whole bunch of “blurry” images. Perhaps, a separate post on it.


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